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The red lip, a makeup classic. I was asked again this year by SheerLuxe which was my favourite. I wanted to select a shade and texture that would suit most people and this year, I went for a new discovery.

The maestro that is Mario (makeup artist to Kim K) has finally arrived on UK shores so we can now all have a piece of his glamorous collection. I’m loving his ‘Lip Lift Kit’ which went viral when it first launched, for good reason. Using his technique to reshape the lips and push their boundaries, you’ll achieve a fuller looking pout in no time. The ‘Power Red’ shade is incredible; a suede matte formula gives it a modern yet comfortable finish and the liner ensures even lip contours.

Powerful in pigment yet dinky in size, ideal to throw into your party clutch.

Thank you to SheerLuxe, read the full article here


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