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I'm by no means a hairstylist but have found a way to achieve the wavy, tousled hair that I like, with minimal effort and a select few products. In the short video below, I show you how I create some subtle bends in my hair which only takes me about 15 minutes and hey, it looks even better when you've slept in it and given it that 'lived-in' vibe.

You can also watch the video on my instagram

Products mentioned:

@electric_london Mousse ‘Cloudburst’

@dysonhair Hairdryer

@babyliss Tong ‘Keratin Shine Waves’

@leestaffordhair Hairspray ‘Lived In’

@colabhair Dry Shampoo

Give it a try and if you have any 'lazy girl' hair tips, I'd love to hear them...pop a comment below!


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