Glowing, radiant, bright and even complexion, it's our total #skingoals right? You're drinking your green juices, great. Taking your supplements, well done you. How about topically, are you applying Vitamin C to your face? In the skincare line-up, it's integral your skin is getting it's antioxidants in the form of this powerhouse ingredient. Also known as 'L-ascorbic acid', Vitamin C will benefit your skin in a multitude of ways. Want a glow? Check. Prevent and treat pigmentation? Check. Fight free radicals? Check. Delay those dreaded wrinkles and boost collagen? Check.

Which one to choose though. Yes, there are so many on the market, from creams and oils, cleansers to mists and even available in it's purest form, powder. Personally, I like it in a serum. It's easily absorbed, quick to apply and widely tolerated (sensitive skin types you're fine). It needs to have close contact with the skin, ie not be mixed or layered with anything underneath messing with it, so apply it after you've washed your face. Morning is my preference simply because I'm not really bothered about a 'glow' overnight. Follow on with your daily moisturiser, SPF and you're away.

I've tried many, as is my job of course but as a skincare nerd I'm always on the search for the best. One from a brand you may not have heard of has stood out for me. It's a French company called Novexpert. Another key component you need to look out for is the percentage of Vitamin C that a product claims it has it's product at. Higher the better. Novexpert's is at 25%, which is amongst the highest I've seen on the market. Indeed they say themselves that it's the highest stabilised (won't lose it's potency) content of Vitamin C in the world, top marks.

With this serum I noticed it gave instant radiance to my skin too, pretty much from the first application. What's not to like? Get it in your basket.

Have you tried vitamin c in your skincare? Which products do you like? Tell me in the comments below!

Shop Novexpert's 'Vitamin C Booster Serum' here

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