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I get asked all the time, what's the best this or that and it's really tricky to name just one...I like different products from different brands (I also know what I don't like from them too!), some are skincare, some are makeup. Then SheerLuxe asked me what I'd consider to be the best anti-ageing product, in terms of makeup. After having a list in my head already, I consulted the oracle, aka my mother. After considering very important elements like blush (instantly adds colour and vibrance to your perhaps dulling complexion), eyebrow pencil (our hair there fades/goes grey/disappears all together with age, framing the eyes will take years off you, promise) and concealer (our under-eye area appears more 'sunken' as we age as well as lovely new features like broken capillaries and age spots appear, conceal at will!) I decided to go for a product I recommended to my mother many, many years ago and one she still uses to this day...the true test of time, won.

This feature was to appear in SheerLuxe's fab section called 'SheerLuxe Gold', for the ladies who are grown up and 'living their best and most stylish life'; note there's no mention of 'mature' or 'of a certain age' thank goodness. I've read it extensively and found it really interesting and informative. So hear goes, my holy grail for anti-ageing your makeup bag...and actually, this goes for all ages (and genders) so listen up one and all...

Read the full SheerLuxe article here


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