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The lovely team over at SheerLuxe were compiling a list of the best products to achieve glowing skin and asked me what my top pick would be. What a question! There are so many ways to achieve the glow that everyone craves; from how you cleanse your skin, exfoliate and renew your skin, through to hydration and then of course, really cheating it, with makeup.

I tried to think of a product that almost 'does it all'. One that is a skincare and makeup product all in one. It's also a product I've been using avidly over the last year or so, every day. The last step in my skincare routine and prior to any foundations and concealers I may be wearing, although really, it's allowed me to wear much less makeup in general.

It's a product by Sarah Chapman who is a top rated facialist with an amazing clinic in Chelsea. I was lucky enough to have a facial there a few years ago and I remember the therapist putting this product on my skin as the very last thing before I wafted out of the door, back into reality. I snuck a look at my face before exiting and my oh my, I was indeed, glowing. Of course, I'd been cleansed, massaged, extracted, LED'd and the like but to top it all off with a veil of tinted luminescence, was very welcome.

'Skin Insurance' is a very fine cream, more like a serum texture really, so it's weightless feeling doesn't impart any discomfort, in fact, you won't know you're wearing it. The universal tint is deep enough to compliment and enhance your skintone yet sheer enough to blend seamlessly. It has light scattering powders built-in to the formula which behave to attract the light but also to blur any imperfections.

Then the fancy science bit; SPF as I hope you know by now, will protect your skin, not just from the sun's ageing rays, but also those other nasty aggressors like pollution, UV, thermal and infrared rays (how many hours a day do we have a screen in front of our faces?!). This in turn, will aid in halting pigmentation rearing it's ugly head. Then elements like it's DNA renewal technology will repair the skin and promote it's regeneration. Nifty.

All in all, it's one of my wonder products, a holy grail, a game changer, however you want to put it. An unassuming skincare/makeup hybrid that will likely surprise you, in the best possible way.

What gives your skin a glow? Tell me in the comments below!

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