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Perfect for hot summer days or balmy summer nights, a coral lip is your perfect accessory. But which one to go for? There are so many variations out there; bright, muted, pigmented, sheer, cool or warm toned. Well, alongside some fabulous industry insiders, SheerLuxe asked me to pick my favourite. Scroll down to find out my pick...hint in this pic what brand it is!

“My favourite coral is this one from Charlotte Tilbury. It’s quite a fiery, hot shade of coral, but it has a matte finish, which makes it look cool and modern. Great for summer and it also makes your teeth look very white – bonus!” – Sophie Tilley, Make-Up Artist, Writer & Beauty Tailor

'Tell Laura' by Charlotte Tilbury

What's your favourite coral lipstick? Do you have a signature shade that you can't live without, coral or otherwise? Tell me in the comments below!

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