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When SheerLuxe asked me what my favourite red lipstick was, one iconic bullet came to mind. It's the first red lipstick that I ever wore and me not being a big lippie wearer, especially red, this one was in a different class. My main bugbear with a red lipstick is how it wears. Being conscious of it on your lips, having to touch it up and continually check it's not bleeding, transferred to your teeth or worn off to a halo of crimson around your lip line...too much hassle!

For me, and millions of others, it has to be 'Ruby Woo' by Mac. Their best-selling red of all time for a reason, this shade and formula has been packing the biggest of punches since 1999.

It literally suits every skin tone, has 12-hour wear with no transferring on your champagne glass or partners cheek, it's ready to party and stay up later than you.

It's powdery matte (but not dry or crusty) finish gives it a timeless elegance and bonus, it’s vivid blue-red shade makes your teeth look insanely white. So good, Mac has expanded the shade to a 6-piece collection of varying finishes, a Ruby Woo for everyone.

Read the full SheerLuxe article here with selections from amazing artists on their favourite reds...


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