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One of the easiest, quickest and even cost effective ways to enhance your appearance, is by curling your lashes. Even if you're not wearing a jot of makeup, a few seconds with your trusty lash curler will work wonders, trust me. It's one of the few things I do to all of my clients.

SheerLuxe wanted the inside track from me and posed the following on to find out my advice to master it and product recommendations...with a bit of extra lash enhancement ideas that you can have done too ;-)

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Lash curlers are still one of the best ways to get length and definition - why do you think they've stood test of time?

They’re an absolute classic, in both design and function. The original and the best inventions never go out of style nor performance. They’re designed to fit snugly onto the curvature of your eye and lash line so you get the perfect lift and curl with just a few seconds of squeeze. You don’t even have to bother with mascara if you don’t want to as curling alone will open up your eyes; making them look bigger whilst giving you a more awake appearance. So simple, so effective…

If it aint broke.

What is the best way to get the most from them?

It takes a bit of practice so set aside some time, take it slowly and have patience. I’d advise getting some that are top quality too; you get what you pay for with this type of beauty tool and the best ones last for years so it’s a sensible investment. For example the Kevyn Aucoin ones have a red band so it’s easy to see where to place your lashes…the Surratt ones open nice and wide so there’s plenty of space to get your lashes in there. Tilt your head back slightly, looking down into a desktop mirror; I love the ‘SimpleHuman’ one as it’s magnifying with a built-in light making the job so much easier.

Should you only ever use them pre-mascara, and never after? Why so?

Yes, always use before any kind of lash product like mascara. Your lashes should be clean and dry for best results. With mascara on, things will get very sticky, pieces of the mascara will come off and your curl won’t be as curved, leaving you with more of a sharp, severe edge which is not the desired look. Plus your curlers will get messy product on them and degrade their performance…alongside the obvious bacteria issue too, keep it clean girls!

How can you get them to curl further? Any hacks? Is it true using a hairdryer on them to heat up works?

Absolutely not! I’ve heard such horror stories with people using hairdryers on their curlers before using. As most curlers are made of metal, they’ll retain heat very efficiently, get super hot and have the ability to then scold your eyelid, ouch! The best designs don’t need any enhancement, your natural body/face heat is enough. I’ve tried pre-heated, battery operated curlers or wands and in my experience, they don’t work as well, nor hold a curl as long.

What type of mascara you apply after curling is key. Anything too heavy and the lashes will drop back down again with the weight of your product. My top tip for this is to layer a couple of formulas. Waterproof mascara will hold a curl way better than a regular mascara. So go in with a light layer of waterproof first, get right into the root and the curl will be held in place. Then, if you want more thickness, go in with a volumising mascara over the top.

How long should you hold them down for?

Once in a comfortable position, as close to your lash line as possible (without pinching the skin) I’d say a good 10 seconds should suffice. Whilst they’re fully closed, give it a little ‘pumping’ (whilst still fully closed) action rather than just clamping down firmly, this will give you more of a gentle, natural result.

What are your top tips for using lash curlers well? Any fun tips people may not know of?

Once you’ve done the initial curl at the base of the lashes, you have the option to move the curlers a few millimetres up the lash and give it another, light pressured squeeze. You’ll then get a curl at the base and the middle of the lash, thus enhancing your curl to a greater degree.

Another technique I do on myself and my clients is, using my other hand to ‘lift’ the eyelid ever so slightly pre-curling. Place one or a couple of your fingertips under your brow bone and pull upwards very gently, thus elevating your lashes slightly so you can see and place them in the curlers with ease.

You can come in directly from the front with your curlers or sometimes its easier to wiggle your way in from the side; the outer corner of your eye to the inward.

As well as a tilted head back and a tilted mirror upwards, try tilting the curlers too; once they’re in place, give them a slight lift outwards, this can bend your curl to a more lifted angle.

What are your favourites? Can we recommend a few - maybe a budget one too?

Curlers I rate: Kevyn Aucoin, Shu Uemura, Surratt, Tweezerman.

What do people often get wrong when using lash curlers?

When teaching my clients about makeup, the most common when it comes to curling is not actually getting the lashes in the curlers at all, or just the very tips. A lot of this comes with practice but don’t be afraid, the shape of the curlers are meant to go right next to your lash line and eyeball, actually touching your eyelid. Try it totally closed/open at first, don’t do any curling, just get used to the idea of them there, next to your eye.

Arguably, of all the lashes, the most important ones to curl, would be the outer lashes. These are the ones we want to be long and lifted the most, to create that cat-eye/almond-shaped/sultry look. So with the technique of coming in with your curlers from the side, you’ll ensure you catch those outer ones for curling. Don’t be afraid to go in a few times, you almost can’t curl too much. If you do, you can always wet the lashes to bring them down a touch.

Any other key things to note?

There has been a major innovation in the lash game of late, in the form of ‘Lashify’. They’re false lashes, with a major difference. Whereas you’d normally curl, do your mascara then apply your false lashes where your upper eyeliner would be…these require no eyelash curlers or mascara. Clean, dry, flat lashes are ideal. You apply some of the adhesive like you would a mascara, except way less…then pop their lashes on but underneath the lashes; the inner waterline or where you’d normally ‘tightline’. No messing around with curlers or mascara and no visibility of glue nor the eyelash band (as it’s hidden under your lashes) and they’re light as a feather. They’re all in the ‘partial’ style so you add as many as you wish and can mix and match the varying styles and lengths. Longevity varies but on my first try, they lasted for 4 days solid. Truly a revolution in the lash arena.

Can’t be bothered with any curling? Another option to try is a ‘lash lift’ and get someone else to do it for you, on a more semi-permanent level. Visit a specialist like Brow Bar London, Shavata or even Primark, where your lashes are lifted into position then a solution is applied to keep them there. The results are astounding, they tint them too so you may not even need mascara either.

Want to beef up your lashes further, go for lash extensions. Again, no makeup required, the queen of this technique is Edy London who applies a single lash (which are black and already curled) to every one of your own lashes, enhancing and glamming up your look for several weeks. Great for holidays, weddings or the upcoming festive party season!


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