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As featured in SheerLuxe, I was asked what my favourite concealer was, as were a stellar line up of makeup artists. Concealer is one of the holy grails of our makeup kit. I have a very mixed bag, depending on the job at hand; the clients skin tone, skin type, what kind of coverage I need, where on the face I'm covering and what finish I need. There's a lot to consider! It was a tough choice but here's my pick of the best concealer to cover any stubborn marks...

This has been in my kit for as long as I can remember, it’s the fullest coverage with a totally matte finish so is undetectable on the skin.  It will cover anything, even tattoos, a little goes a long way and you can customise the colour all year round when your skin tone changes as it has two shades for you to mix together.

Tip: it’s quite ‘dry’ in texture so be wary using it under the eyes, or try mixing it with an eye cream.

What's your favourite concealer? I'd love to know your top choice, comment below!

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