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Long, thick, luscious lashes is what we all strive for isn't it?! Whether using the latest mascara for extra volume or applying some miracle-promising serum, there are ways to cheat...but you can't beat a false lash for instant va-va-voom! Which to choose? There are multitudes on the market these days, many a celebrity and influencer has put there name to one with claims of the perfect result. We all have different eye shapes, and face shapes for that matter, so tread carefully.

Glamour Magazine asked recently my thoughts on choosing and applying the ideal pair for all types of peepers.

If you are au fait with your eye shape, but a lash novice looking to expand your beauty bag, we enlisted the advice of makeup artist and bespoke beauty expert, Sophie Tilley, to help get you started. She said: "Take a closer look, both in a compact mirror and from afar for perspective, to really determine how your eyes sit and perhaps how you’d like to manipulate their finish with the lashes you then choose."

With 15 years of artistry experience, Sophie knows a thing or two about quality vs. value, explaining: "There are so many on the market now it can seem daunting but for a budget-friendly option, I’m loving the ‘Kiss’ lashes which give you a lot of bang for your buck. They even boast a ‘tapered’ end, making them much more in sync with our own lashes. The individuals have ‘flat band’ technology, so no bulbs or obvious root to the lash, meaning they apply seamlessly." Take note, ladies.

Do you ever wear false lashes? Which are your favourite? Tell me in the comments below!

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