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We all have them, but do we know how to make the most of them, even if they can't cut glass like Kate's?

SheerLuxe asked me for some tips and I happily obliged, with skincare, makeup, tools and tweakments to get yours looking their best.


Using an exfoliating, brightening toner after cleansing will smooth your skin, ridding it of any texture so you have the glass-like finish we all crave. I love the Alpha H Generation Glow Daily Resurfacing Essence which is mild enough to use every day but packs a punch in terms of it’s skin renewing properties and 5% natural AHA complex.

To volumise and lift the skin, my new favourite serum to give me ‘botox in a bottle’ is Tata Harper’s Elixir Vitae. Containing pistachio crystals and argan fruit, your skin will have renewed elasticity and firmness in no time.

Sculpt your cheekbones with some magic tools. NuFace uses micro current to retrain and strengthen the facial muscles into a new, higher position, thus, lifted skin and your cheekbones popping! You’ll see instant results and with continued use, a real difference in the structure of your facial framework.

For a more affordable option, The Gua Sha has a variety of tools to carve out your cheekbones in a non-invasive and rather therapeutic way. Take your pick from jade, rose quartz and many more to manipulate your face into new dimensions whilst creating some zen in the process.


Enhancing your cheekbones with colour cosmetics is all about creating light and shade. Highlight what you want to bring forward, contour what you’d like to push back.

Try the ‘Kate Moss’ contour hack, using a cream product like Charlotte Tilbury’s Contour Wand, make a dot under where your cheekbone ends (near the sides of your mouth) and softly blend around in circular motions until fully diffused. It’s literally creating the illusion of hollower cheeks.

Or take it the traditional contour route, by starting at the other end of the cheekbone, next to the ear. That’s your starting point; using a powder contour like Kevyn Aucoin’s iconic The Sculpting Powder, swish a little there then sweep in towards the nose, below the cheekbone. You’re creating more shadow and a slimmer face shape, ideal with this product rather than a bronzer as it has a more grey tone, like a literal shadow would.

Now to bring your cheekbones forward, let there be light! Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick is so easy to use; literally swipe it along the upper side of your cheekbones and blend in with the warmth of your fingertips, done. It also has skin-loving ingredients that will feed your complexion as you wear it.

For a powder or rather ‘putty’ option, Stila’s Heaven’s Hue Highlighter is a uniquely textured compact. Bouncy and almost mousse-like, the hybrid between cream and powder means a longer lasting effect. The light diffusing particles with impart a soft, luminous ‘lit from within’ look, getting you closer to the dolphin skin sheen. Oh, and remember their iconic ‘Kitten’ nude-pink eyeshadow shade? It’s now been reborn into this glow giver, mee-yow!


Fancy taking the plunge into something more semi-permanent that requires no skincare or makeup? Whether you try botox to smooth out the lines around the cheekbones or indeed a little filler to plump them up, may I recommend my clinic of choice; Regents Park Aesthetics. They’re an all female team of doctors and nurses who I’ve trusted for some ‘baby botox’ and the results were so subtle and natural, I’m hooked! Freshen up your bone structure and fix those minor imperfections with their advanced aesthetic techniques, be it injectable or non-injectable, they offer all sorts of solutions.


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