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Contouring, sculpting, carving out our cheekbones and defining our jawline, elements of facial beauty we all strive for right? Aside from skincare, facials, keeping fit and eating healthily, what else can we do to achieve this? Microcurrent. Don't be scared, it's not going to hurt, but you will need to be consistent to see results. I've been using the NuFace device for a while now and loving it, you need about 20mins per session but the results over time are subtle yet significant.

A new fancy gadget also utilising the power of microcurrent is from Foreo called the 'BEAR'. This one has microcurrent as well as t-sonic pulsations to elevate your features, instantly and more so over time with regular use. Time, we don't have a lot of it these days, we're all so busy. But all you need with this nifty little guy is 2 minutes a day. Who doesn't have 2 minutes, really.

I've been a 'fan' and sporadic user of microcurrent for a while now and for sure have noticed results. I've forever been a fan of facial massage though, as it's something I perform on myself daily (great to do in the evening with a cleansing balm/oil) and on all of my clients prior to makeup application. The aim; to get the blood flowing, collagen stimulated, skin moving and bone structure enhanced. That said, I see an instant result just doing massage with my fingers, imagine combining that with microcurrent and sonic pulsations, winning.

The NuFace harnesses a more 'stable' kind of current, hence the timeframe but you don't need to use it every day...whereas Foreo claims you just need 2 minutes per day, every day. Be wary of this and go easy.

Have a watch of the video below where Chris from Foreo hosts an instagram live, posing questions to me and in turn answers any that I have about this new facial device.

As a special treat for my followers, you can enjoy 10% off any products on the Foreo site with the code #homespa, you'll receive 4 free masks as your gift with purchase, whoop!

Watch the video on @foreo_uk instagram account here

*this is not an ad! I've not been paid or affiliated to endorse this or any of Foreo's products, genuinely my opinions and comments ;-)


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