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If there's one question I get asked more than any other, it's "what's your favourite....?" So when SheerLuxe asked me to pick one item as my summer beauty essential, I had to think hard. SPF is for sure an element at the top of my criteria. Then I thought I don't wear much, if any, base in the hotter months so it isn't going to be a foundation or concealer, ditto powder.

So how about an SPF50 for your face that you can spray on (in a smooth continuous aerosol, not a spitty pump)...under or over any makeup you might be wearing and reapply as necessary. No messy, sticky hands, quick and easy. On top of that, this product will blur any imperfections on your skin, without adding colour. If you are wearing makeup, it will set it. If you're needing extra hydration, it has added skincare benefits. Talk about win win.

Read on below to find out what this wonder-product is...!

“A setting spray is something I use on all my clients, even after finalising their look with powder, it takes away that too ‘done’ look as it absorbs any excess and meshes the look together. This is so clever; a setting spray that lends a soft focus to your makeup whilst protecting your skin with broad spectrum SPF50. Skin loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid and lavender oil hydrate your skin too…so many boxes ticked.”


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