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Wedding makeup is one of my most favourite to create, and like most beauty looks, it all starts with the skin. Now, whilst I’m a makeup artist and apply the best products blended to perfection, all of these topical products melt into the skin much easier if our canvas is looked after.

Healthy, radiant skin allows for makeup to sit better, last longer and ultimately, we’ll use less, as the natural texture and quality of your skin and features need less enhancement.

I was asked by the lovely team at ‘Absolutely Weddings’ magazine to put my tips and advice forward so their readers could get a good idea of how to achieve the best possible skin, in time for their wedding.

I was pleasantly surprised when the magazine came through my door and I discovered what a beautiful feature they had made of my article. Complete with pictures of brides I’ve made-up as well as a sneaky shot of me in action!

Although I wrote this for brides-to-be, I believe we should all be taking care of our skin, no matter the occasion. Treating yourself to the best possible products, targeting your skin type and concern, from the inside out, is something we should all be aiming for.

Read the feature in 'Absolutely Weddings' magazine here (page 65 onwards..)

Absolutely Weddings website & instagram


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