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Hot summer days and balmy light evenings call for a switch up in your makeup routine. SheerLuxe had me and some other fab industry pro's give them our top tips for staying cool, calm and on to see my entry...along with some bonus ideas from me ;-)

And here are some other blog-exclusive ideas from me...

Lighten your Base

For the summer months, lighten the load with a tinted moisturiser instead of foundation, Laura Mercier’s are fab and she’s recently relaunched her ‘Oil Free’ version which has longer staying power and shine control for those hot days. Then just use concealer in the places you need a bit of extra help, I love the Nars Creamy Concealers as they’re highly pigmented but a dreamy texture, perfect for around the face as well as under the eyes. For a more boujis option, I also love the La Mer tinted moisturiser which also gives you SPF30 protection, as well as their incredible skincare ingredients.

Fake it to Make it

Wearing foundation or any kind of skin base in the hotter months is a step we could all do without hey? Using a sunless tanner for cheating a glow is a smart summer move. Not only will it add some warmth and colour to your complexion, it will help you avoid applying a base at all. I’ve also noticed that the tanning agent ‘DHA’ dries the skin ever so slightly, so less sweaty t-zone areas and also beneficial if you’re suffering a breakout or three. I like to apply mine in the evening, mix it in with my night cream…and awake looking fresh and bronzed, magic.

I love the collections from James Read and Amanda Harrington.

Anti-Eye Smudge

Ever find that you apply your eye makeup perfectly in the morning and by lunch time it’s migrated to the under-eye area? A common problem. A waterproof mascara will help, but an even better idea, is to set your under-eye concealer with a powder. That way, the moistness of the mascara/liners etc have nothing warm to ‘cling’ on to down there when it’s matte and powdery. Bonus points if you use a powder that has brightening qualities, like the Laura Mercier ‘Secret Brightening Powder’. Press (don’t swipe) with a small fluffy brush and you’re insured all day long.

Cream Eyeshadow

Powder eyeshadow can be a bit of a faff. Having the right brushes, blending to perfection, who has the time or the patience, especially in the heat! For the summer months, why not switch to a long-wearing cream formula? They’re so much easier to apply; with your fingers, dab a little on, smush it over the lid and with their quick drying formula, they set in seconds and off your trot. Pixi’s new ‘EyeLift Max’ come in six shades and can be worn sheer or layered, great for day to night transition and zero chance of the dreaded eyeshadow ‘fall-down’. I also love the Shiro ones for a swish of gleaming glaze to your lids.

Setting Spray

For extra insurance when setting your summer makeup, powder as normal (again, press the powder in, don’t swipe), then use a setting spray on top. The beads of magic moisture and binding agents will grip to the makeup and keep it in place for longer, also that ‘powdery’ makeup finish will be gone. Keep a mini version in your bag for on-the-go spritzes to refresh your makeup (and your mind!). Bonus is to use one with an SPF, like Kate Somerville’s ‘Soft Focus Setting Spray with SPF50’. For a non-SPF version, Charlotte Tilbury's does the trick in a spritz.


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