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Probably the most important step in your skincare routine and fact: the biggest prevention of skin ageing = Sun Protection. Yep, there’s nothing more proven to protect your skin more than SPF. And it’s not just for those sunny days, you should be applying it to your skin, every morning, every single day.

Sun damage is not just getting a bit of rosy sunburn. We’re talking the most powerful former of wrinkles on your skin. How about an uneven skin tone; pigmentation and dark spots - sun damage. Not forgetting the scariest of all, skin cancer.

I wear SPF50 every day, all year round. The sun’s rays can penetrate through clouds and glass so our skin is constantly at risk. When on holiday, I never put my face (and neck/chest) in the sun. I can tell, when doing someone’s makeup, who has used SPF and who hasn’t (same goes for smokers).

It’s such an easy step to do, yet most of us don’t. There are so many on the market now and they’ve even made it easier by producing spray-on ones, how lazy do we have to be?! Apply your fancy serum’s and moisturisers first, follow with SPF then any makeup you want to wear on top.

Most people don’t like to wear it for other reasons like the feel and look; greasy, white pale-skin finish. Not these days, new formulations mean we’re way past those dilemmas. I’ve tried a load and my favourite, has to be Heliocare. I’ve used it pretty much exclusively this year, tested it in very hot weather, both in polluted cities like my hometown of London and in the sunnier beaches of Europe. It out-performed any other in my collection...oh, and look at the glow it gives you!

Their products are full-spectrum protection; both UVA (the ageing rays) and UVB (the burning ones) are shielded. This is a key element to look out for, if an SPF doesn’t have full spectrum, forget it. Heliocare offer a vast range of choices, from oil-free to tinted, spray-on to kids ranges, and they even have a fancy ingredient called ‘Fernblock’ which is a natural anti-oxidant and protects your skin from the inside out.

Shop their fab products here, you’ll get 10% off your order, sitewide, that’s including the special offers and bundles they do too, winning!


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